Monday, March 07, 2005

Dreams of Cheese

Time is passing. The clouds cleared and showed a bit of blue sky before the sun went down. I fell asleep on a bench, hunched around my carry-on bag.

One excellent suggestion of how to pass the time in the airport was to go buy some Kinder Surprises. They do come from Germany originally. Nothing like a purchase that is a chocolate, toy and surprise all in one. Only snag in the plan is that they don't seem to be sold here in the airport.

The big event of the evening has been getting a sandwich for dinner and realizing that for the next several months, I will be in lands of amazing cheeses. Cheese cheese cheese. The fresh cheese, tomato, and watercress baguette for dinner was divine. Wednesday there is a market near the hostel in Istanbul and it will be possible to shop for all kinds of cheeses....

Going to go back to the sleeping bench now. The check-in counter will be open ın eight more hours....


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