Monday, January 29, 2007

Checking In...

The dust is settling. The new life is starting to fall into a rhythm. It's good. Still a little too overloaded, but good.

This past weekend there was a chance to enjoy the collision of the old Japanese life with the new New York existence. Ellen who-also-taught-in-Japan came to town and through her I briefly saw Derrick who-also-taught-in-Japan who had just come from seeing Chris and Todd who-also-taught-in-Japan. Emily Lupita who-also-taught-in-Japan will be here in less than a month....

Six degrees of Miyazaki.

It was great to catch up with Ellen. Every week it seems like there has been a chance to see someone who is pass ing through the city. Andrea was here the week before. I lived with Andrea longer than with any other person who isn't a blood relative and we hadn't seen each other in seven years. Too long. Mark and Bethan were here before that. It's been wonderful to meet up with old New York friends who don't live here anymore. Now it's time to start meeting up with the old friends who still do.

The dust is settling. I'm ready to play.


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