Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hitting the Slots

The tired sunken look is back on my face. I was back to my old tricks last night, only sleeping four hours and then going to work. But it was the only night this week and tomorrow there is NOTHING that has to be done. The whole day is free to simply do things I actually want to do. Seize the day.

Last night the roommates and I all had a joint party. Which each invited friends and told friends they could invite friends. It was an interesting mix of people and it seemed like people were enjoying themselves.

One of the interesting things is that we have about three times as much alcohol in the house after the party than we had at the start of the party. This has the makings of an interesting word problem. The fridge is packed with beer. We have bottles of liquor to join the bottles of liquor from past parties. There are enough bottles of wine in my room to establish a small wine cellar. We need to have another party.

Tonight I went to do laundry so that tomorrow is completely free. The past couple of months I've gotten really motivated to finish my collection of state quarters... and that makes the trip to the laundry exciting. I put my five into the change machine and the coins clatter into the metal tray like a slot machine pay out. Out of twenty possibilities, there wasn't a single state quarter I didn't already have.

I put in an extra dollar to have one more chance at a lucky strike and got four old style quarters with the eagle on back. No luck. I was tempted to feed in another dollar. Gambling at casinos does not do anything for me, but collecting quarters does seem to have some kind of addictive allure. Nerd alert.


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