Thursday, March 31, 2005

News Bulletin

Arrived in Athens this morning after a surprisingly chilly night spent sleeping on the floor of the ferry. Followed a herd of people off the ferry in hopes that they were going to the metro. Lucky for me, they were. Wandered around downtown for a long time trying to find the hostel. No map and no directions from the hostel other than, "it's a five minute walk from the metro." But five minutes in which direction?

Eventually found the hostel, settled in, and promptly fell down a flight of stairs. If my butt hadn't been exfoliated there might have been more traction to slow me on the way down. Guess this is a sign that the worn out hiking boots have to go. I'd like to survive this country of marble steps. Chocolate will heal the bruises.

But I'm not writing to inform everyone about my clumsiness. Actually, the purpose of this post is to tell people who know Shokufeh to look at her blog. She's got some news.


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