Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Night Train to Jaisalmer

In a couple of hours we're getting on the night train to Jaisalmer. We're hoping it's better than our last night train experience. That time the train felt like it would derail in the night. strange motions that no train should make. Chris had 3 people in the berth where he was supposed to be sleeping. I was alone in my bed, but covered in soot and dead bugs that kept being blown through the open windows.

Just wanted to note that Chris's blog, Mochilero, has been discontinued. The service he was using was unreliable and pieces of his writing kept disappearing. His photos are still available. Check the link on the sidebar. His photos are excellent and all you are going to have a chance to see of our time in India for a while as I focus on other things.

Ok, that was a little break from all the storm news.

Also want to say thank you to everyone who has written to me directly in the last week. I'm trying to answer individually, but it will take time. Wanted to let you know that each email, kind word, piece of information, and good story has been greatly appreciated.

Love to everyone.


Anonymous Sonia said...

It's funny how he take the Internet and e-mail and so on for granted, but it truly is amazing that we can all keep in touch when we are on opposite sides of the globe. The news reports are really anti-government here in the UK and it's incredibly sad to see what is going on. It's just nice to read on your blog that people are escaping and that people are helping, which kind of gets missed by a lot of the media. Please take care. People all over are thinking of you all in New Orleans.

September 06, 2005 10:11 AM  

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