Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Links

Here are some links to follow if you are looking for more information.

How You Can Help

American Red Cross
Network for Good
Locating People
"I'm Okay" Forum
Tell Them You're Ok
for Someone Forum

Missing Persons

Local New Orleans News Media
WWL-TV Channel 4 (TV)
WDSU Channel 6 (TV) (comprehensive local information)

For the status of staff and locations for the Audubon Nature Institute. The American Zoo and Aquarium Zoological Association has a hurricane update page that it adds to as information comes in.


Anonymous Natasha said...

I have just spoken to my mother who has flown back to Baton Rouge to get her boyfriend, James, and pets out of Louisiana. We are going to do everything we can to get her out of there; we'll even fly to Baton Rouge and drive her out if we have to. She is tired and upset but all right. James and her animals are all right too- the hotel where they are staying will not let the animals in the room. The animals (5 cats, 1 dog) are spending the day in the van in cages in 100 degree heat. They sneak them in to the room at night to clean them up. James has been afraid that the hotel will kick them out because of the animals. There are so many people looking for rooms that they would and could.

Most scary is what I've just heard from a friend of ours still in Algiers Point. I spoke to him on the phone when I was looking for my mom. He said there is an armed militia in the Point and that there has been gunfire and bloodshed. There is a zone from the bus barn to Belleville school that is being patrolled and is considered fairly safe. He said they just heard gunfire there so they think they shot a looter. There are helicopters flying overhead all the time.

He said that Oakwood mall is burning down to the ground. There was a problem with people camped there. There was not enough water pressure for the police to put out the fire so they are just letting it go.

He was reluctant to leave and was trying to tell me that it is not so bad. He said they have running water but they could use more food supplies. He said there is a guy in the "Algiers Point Militia" who wore camoflauge and had night vision glasses and who was patrolling the area at night. He said that it is like the movie BladeRunner.

September 01, 2005 5:51 PM  
Anonymous Natasha said...

Here is a blog from someone getting information into and out of Algiers Point. It seems to be the most reliable place for information right now. I haven't looked at all of her blog yet, but I think she does have a little general Algiers info.

September 02, 2005 10:38 AM  
Blogger Randy said...

I feel for all those who have been affected someway by Katrina. I immediately donated money to the Red Cross.

I have a brother who lived through the destruction of Ivan while working in the Cayman Islands. He is now working in Jacksonville Florida and with Hurricane Ophelia linguring around, I made contact with him just to make sure that we have a plan in place in case it came ashore.

If there is anything that I can do to help the victims of Katrina, please do not hesitate in contacting me at

September 10, 2005 8:05 AM  

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