Saturday, August 20, 2005


This morning I had a little anti-India meltdown. There's a bit of culture shock involved in coming down off the mountain. We went from an Asian way of doing things back to the Indian way of doing things. I don't cope with the Indian way very well. Chris copes everywhere. He is the rock I cling to.

We're back to the heat. We're back to the noise. We're back to the flies.

The other night I stayed up well past my bedtime escaping into the novel The Rule of Four. It was preferable to pretend to be in Princeton, New Jersey at Easter than Amritsar, Punjab in August.

Tomorrow afternoon we leave Amristar on the train. It should be an experience. 16 hours across the plains of Punjab and Rajastan in a train that resembles a cattle car. Bars on the windows and people hanging in the doorways, hoping for a little fresh air.


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