Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Almost End

The tiredness is starting again. The stored up sleep is wearing off, back to the six hours a night.

Today was my last official day of student teaching. We went ice skating. It was awesome.

Lest anyone think there was no teaching on the last day of student teaching, I did help teach about five kids how to ice skate who had never been on the ice before. They started off as wall-huggers and ended up skating near the orange cones at the center of the rink where the fast people zip by. They were not zipping, but they were on their feet and moving forward.

Tomorrow I'm going into school all day to hang out with the kids and teachers. This evening I baked three King Cakes complete with babies stuffed inside. I'll share cake with the two seventh grade classes and then spend most of the rest of the day back in sixth grade.

I'm going to miss being at school so much that I'm applying for a substitute teaching license.


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