Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Tofurkey Day!

I have been craving Tofurkey for several weeks now. I thought about bringing one on the plane to cook up at my grandparent's house but then wasn't sure if it would make it through security at the airport. I think when I get back to Brooklyn, I'm firing up the oven and throwing in the mock bird. It's so yummy.

There has been a lot of shouting about pie the past 24 hours. High decibels caused by guests being too stuffed to eat pie and hosts refusing to eat their slices without guests joining in. I've been in the doghouse for not eating my apple pie last night for dessert nor this morning for breakfast. I ate half a slice for an afternoon snack and a rather large piece of pumpkin pie for dinner. There's still that niggling leftover half-piece of apple that proves I am not doing my gastromonic duty.


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