Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glorious Geometry

Today I was in geometry heaven. Tiles tiles and more tiles, tesselating in the way that circles, squares, and hexagons do.

The Alcázar in Seville was decorated by the same craftspeople who worked on the Alhambra so it´s good. Very good. I took a ridiculous number of photos. Photos which I hope to get on-line sooner than the photos from last summer´s trip to Ireland and England.

No. You haven´t seen those photos.

This evening I went on-line and reserved tickets to get into the Alhambra in Grenada this weekend. There are 6000 tickets available a day, some sold in advance, and to get a ticket the day of, people tend to get in line at 6am. I´m not doing that. I could, but thanks to internet magic, it´s unnecessary. Saturday night I´ll be there under moonlight as the ticket lets me in at 10pm. Sunday, I´m going back for some daylight viewing. More tiles. More geometry.

Today I was reading up on how to use the radius of a circle to create a hexagon for repeating tile patterns. Sexy stuff.

I wish I had a drafting compass.


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