Thursday, November 01, 2012

Another November

New Orleans, LA

It's November which means time to try to post once a day for the whole month.  My track record has not been great the last couple of years...

What's going on right now?  Or what's been going on the past several months?  Mostly I've been working.  It is not giving me joy.  There's a great deal of reevaluation going on in my brain.  Where is balance?  It's long lost and I'm not sure how to regain it.  Many things need to change, and soon.  

When not working, I've been doing renovations on the house.  Progress on the house does make me happy.  Someday I will live in it, and maybe that someday will be in 2013.

At the house, the wiring from the 1930's has been replaced. Most of the old pipes have also been replaced.  Next big project is repairing the dozens of holes in the plaster walls from electrical and plumbing improvements. Water was reconnected yesterday and today there may be hot water again for the first time in a month.  The celebration of that milestone may include finally mopping the dust coated floors.

I've been a bad friend to just about everybody for... a long long time now.  For that, I'm very sorry.


Blogger Nina said...

Hi Jennifer,

I was thinking of you the other day and checked your blog...I am glad you still have it up because I don't know how to get in touch with you otherwise. We were in NOLA for Christmas and New Year's--I should have looked you up then. We were busy with family, though, so there wasn't much free time, but in any case it would have been nice to see you since we were in your part of the world. I hope you are doing well. Congratulations on the house! That is a huge commitment!

You can find me on Facebook if you are on there.

Hope all is well.

Take care,


February 06, 2013 8:50 PM  
Blogger Jennifer P. said...

Hi Nina,

So good to hear from you!

I just found you on FB. You might not recognize me or my name in the friend request but my profile picture shows a love of Mexican wrestling.

Would love to catch up.

~ J

February 13, 2013 10:05 AM  

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