Monday, December 06, 2004

Off to Myanmar/Burma

The past week has been consumed by ants. Ants in the house. Ants in my bed. Ants in my hair. Some of them bite. Tomorrow I am escaping across the border into Myanmar, or (as it was known before it became a repressive totalitarian state) Burma.

Volunteering at Mirror Arts has been interesting. There's been a little English teaching, a lot of cooking, some vegetable sorting, and rural picture taking. After going to Burma for a few days I'll be back to volunteer here for a little longer.

I've spent the last two nights working on internet photo albums. You can see some of the New Zealand photos (more to come) and next week the Thailand photos should go on-line. Fingers crossed!

Lots more about the hill tribes of Thailand and B*rma next week when I get back across the border with my new visa... in the meantime take a look at the hill tribe virtual museum. It's great!


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