Friday, September 16, 2005

Returning Home

Today Chris and I escaped the town of Pushkar. Escape is the correct word. The "push" in Pushkar could stand for "pushy." Don't want to waste any more words on that place.

We have made it back to the city of Jaipur, our Indian home away from home. I want to write a love letter to our hotel, Hotel Pearl Palace. It is so wonderful to stay in a place that treats its guests as human beings and not like wallets-on-legs. More about paradise another day because it deserves to be properly praised. We've been dreaming of returning each day of the nearly three weeks since leaving. We left the same day that Katrina hit New Orleans.

We're not the only ones to be experiencing a homecoming of sorts. Today my parents are on their way back to New Orleans. There is still the question of whether or not our house still exists. Yesterday my mother wrote:
When we left home on August 27, I predicted we would come back to find 2 feet of
water in the house, no roof, a flat garage, and a tree on the car we left. Any
damage less than this will make us happy.
I've been thinking a lot about home. Home as a building... Home as a city... Home as a state of mind...

After talking about it with Chris and with my family, I've decided to go home early. Instead of waiting for December, I'll try to get my flights rescheduled for the second half of October. There's a lot to be done in New Orleans. I want to go home.


Blogger shokufeh said...

Yay, you, going home!
I have high hopes for your house. My parents went to take a look at our house yesterday and it was better than expected. Looking at Google maps, your street is free of water and I can't see into anyone's house, and the trees are green. All good signs.

September 16, 2005 2:04 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

We still have over 4 ft of water in my house. Ugh. So much for ALL my books. Good thing I work for a publishing house!

So glad you are going home. You have to meet up with my friend Sudha who will also be back by then. Lots of love, LJL

September 16, 2005 3:28 PM  

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