Friday, August 18, 2006


The tropical storm that was freaking me out at the last posting collapsed. No need to run after all.

I'm sitting in PJ's Coffee, absolutely full to the brim with sugar. I would be dancing around form the sugar rush, but that's hard to do on crutches.

The short version of the story of story is that I was at work on Saturday, doing touch-ups on an 18ft ceiling. I climbed up on the scaffolding after moving it to a new area. I had just gotten on the platform, resting on my knees in the center of it when there was a big crash. The top tier collapsed. Next thing I knew I was on a lower platform, 5 ft. below the one I had originally been on, kneeling in exactly the same position. The quiet was deafening. "....I'm OK!..."

I thought I was ok, until I moved my ankle. That didn't feel so good.

After x-rays it was determined that no bones were broken. I got a pair of high-tech-looking crutches and a low-tech-looking ace bandage and went on my way.

Mostly I've been sitting in the recliner in the living room with my foot up, trying to entice the cat to come sit with me. He's been in a bad mood thanks to a vet visit so my luck with him has been poor. I did go outside on Wednesday to take a look at our garage. It stood up pretty well after having several trees land on it in the hurricane, but now that the rains have returned, it's been collapsing in slow motion. Wednesday the bricks fell off the facade and that was something to go see. The city denied a demolition permit so we're letting nature take it's course. The more it rains, the faster its demise.

Less than two weeks and I'll be moving to Manhattan. With or without crutches. The best news all week was finding out that "home" has an elevator.


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