Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Boat is Gone

There have been two sailboats in our backyard for a number of years. Small, one person sailboats. Damaged sailboats, waiting to be fixed and sent to a lake where children could sail them and enjoy their summers. In the meantime, they have been growing grass and collecting leaves.

Today was the joyous day on which my parents and I and lifted up one of the repaired boats onto the top of my father's car, tied it down, and drove it to it's new life in Mississippi.

There were casualties. My mother's toes. My ear. But one boat is finally gone. I had wanted to take a picture of the boat on top of the car, an image which provoked lots of looks and finger pointing on the interstate. But when we arrived to the destination and there was a big burly man there who could help lift the boat off the car, the impulse was to seize the moment and get rid of the obscenely heavy thing and not pause for photo taking.

I did get one picture of the car with it's fancy boat carrying cradle. It looks kind of like a giant hair accessory.


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