Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Best Thing About New York...

A lot of things have changed since I moved away from New York. Some things good, something bad. The absolute best development in the last ten years is the Metrocard.

It used to be that it was necessary to figure in transportation costs to the cost of doing anything in the city. A movie wasn't just ten dollars if it meant a subway ride. It was more like $13.

With a week's pass for just $24 I've been zipping around the city like never before. Within the last 24 hours I've visited Morningside Heights, Chinatown, SoHo, Mid-town, Washington Heights and gone to Brooklyn three times. It's no big deal.

Viva la Metrocard!

Early in today's round of neighborhood visits, I spent a while at St. John the Divine. It's very possibly the most peaceful place in New York. It's under extensive renovation for fire damage, so the peace is interrupted now by the sounds of pressure washing. It was quieter outside in the sculpture garden. I've gone to the garden countless times but today was the first time I noticed the little tiny sculptures that surround the massive centerpiece. One in particular caught my eye.

A woman in the leaves with a bird. Peace personified.


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