Sunday, November 12, 2006

It Wasn't a Drugged Banana

Happy to be posting before the deadline. Happy to be posting at all. More on that later.

In spite of the afternoon rain, it was a really lovely day. I met Ms. Nola a couple of blocks north of my soon-to-be grad school to eat bagels. It was amazing to see all the trees changing colors. I haven't seen that up here in Washington Heights and we didn't see many trees down in the Village and SoHo yesterday.

One of the things that drove me from New York after college was the lack of contact with greenery. When people hear that they always retort, "Hey, what about Central Park?" Yes, Central Park has thousands upon thousands of trees but when life is all taking place 50 blocks away... those thousands of trees don't green up daily life.

But oh, school is surrounded by trees. Glory hallelujah. And right now their leaves are yellow, red, green, and orange. I might spend tomorrow in Central Park, rain be damned, glorying in the colors.

After bagels, Ms. Nola and I took the bus over to the Metropolitan. I think we spent more time talking and catching up than we did looking at art.

A little while ago I came back to Tinkerbell's were just sitting here talking as I ate a banana. Tink was talking when suddenly the room started spinning around and around in circles. I asked Tinkerbell if the banana from the bodega could have possibly been drugged. Unlikely. "Does the apartment have any fumes? Carbon monoxide sources?"

As the room turned, Tinkerbell checked the stove's pilot light. It was out. We threw the windows open and I shoved my head outside. Deep breaths.

I've only felt the world spin in circles like that once before. There was a week in Mexico City where everything was spinning. Spinning standing up. Spinning lying down. I've never been so dizzy in my life. It was all explained in the newspaper one day. The air pollution levels were so intense that people were advised to not go outdoors.

You live and you learn and begin to recognize the message the spinning has to share. Tomorrow I'm buying Tinkerbell a little apartment present: a carbon monoxide detector.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it up here. Speaking of the Met: I'll be taking 30 college students to the museum in a couple of weeks as a day trip---by myself! I have no idea what I was thinking. I just thought it'd be fun, esp. having taken students around the Louvre this past summer. The looks on their faces made me have a Mr. Holland's Opus moment.

When are you moving up permanently? It'd be nice to grab a bite together.

And Babel was pretty good: japanese girls behaving badly. Rowr.

New Haven in the house. Peace, yo.

November 13, 2006 11:56 AM  

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