Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Prize

There haven't been any official takers for the Run-on-O-Rama. Maybe it's because I didn't entice anyone with a specific prize.

So, here's the prize I'm offering up. It's an authentic egg sushi eraser. Expertly styled, the eraser realistically portrays a scaled down model of a portion of rice, lovingly topped by a slice of omelet, and held together by a faux strip of seaweed. A real collectible, this item remains in it's original Japanese packaging. Leave it sealed and watch the value appreciate over the years.

What are you waiting for?

I did receive a random run-on sentence from a Ms. Anderson today, but I think she wanted more than the sushi eraser.

Right now, my husband and I are looking for a representative in the (AMERICA) who can be helping us to cash the U.S POSTAL MONEY ORDERS IN THE (AMERICA) and wire the cash to here in UNITED KINGDOM UK, we have a lot of customers in AMERICA and they all wanted to pay us with U.S POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, so we write you to seek for your assistance in partnership, we want you to be our AMERICA REPRESENTATIVE so that all our customers can be issuing the MONEY ORDERS to your name and you will CASH THE MONEY ORDERS and send the money to us here in UNITED KINGDOM UK.
Had she mentioned "AMERICA" a fifth time, I might have ended up sending her the grand prize due to the lack of other entries. Unfortunately, she does not quality.

Post your run-on in the comment section by November 7th and you can possibly win a really fabulous eraser because everyone kneads erasers unless they use pens or have mechanical pencils with the erasers already attached, but you know who you are and that eraser may come in handy for the lucky you and your erasing needs.

(See, it's not hard to do).


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