Saturday, March 31, 2007


Spring is in bloom. Little tiny green bits of leaves are poking their heads out and blossoms are exploding. Today I went for a walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with Tinkerbell. It was so gorgeous. Only a few things are in bloom, though you wouldn't know it from today's selection of pictures.

Daffodils... in New York, they are always one of the first sunny signs of spring.

The daffodils on Daffodil Hill. They still aren't at their peak. There are more blooms to come.

The lone cherry tree with blossoms. All the rest are still waiting to show themselves.

A family enjoying an afternoon under the sakura.

These trees remind me of trees at the zoo in New Orleans whose branches become filled with roosting white egrets at dusk.

Pink Japanese magnolias.

Spot the hawk?

The bird took off after a man approached it. He claimed the bird was speaking to him with a southern accent. Hmmm.

Elegant black and white blossoms in a greenhouse.

Koi in the reflection pond before kids with sticks came and tried to wack the fish.

Ahhh, springtime.