Monday, July 07, 2008

Green GREEN Green

It's mighty green here in Ireland. Except when it's grey. Grey is underrated. Grey voluminous clouds and hundreds of miles of grey stone fences are mesmerizing.

Thanks to Ellen, I had an amazing first couple of days that included a barn dance. She is the best hostess, taking me inside a tomb older than the pyramids. She even got me to the airport in time to meet my parents to start my stint as the official driver on the left side of the road. So far, no accidents.

This morning we rode bikes around on of the Aran Islands. I've been wanted to visit the island for 16 years, ever since a documentary film professor screened Man of Aran the first day of class. Today was the day to wander among stone walls and feel the roiling of the ocean currents in a tossing boat.

It's great.


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