Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's been a very nice day and really I haven't done much of anything.

I got up while it was still dark to wander down to the Mezquita church in the center of Cordoba and take another walk around when it first opened. I was the only person on the street for a long time. It was eerie and beautiful.

When I needed to walk back to my hostal to pack up and get to the bus station, I couldn't find my street. It totally disappeared. I did go up the wrong street which turned out to have an alley I'd been looking for the past two days. Turn around and there is the bell tower of the cathedral framed by buildings covered in flowers.

Again looking for the road back to the hostal, I ran into a dormitory bunkmate who also needed to go to the bus station and we found our way back to the hostal and then to the bus station. It was nice to have some company for a little while. I have only had fleeting conversations with people since Kim left. Most people I've encountered are traveling in groups and have not been up for socializing much with a solo traveler.

The bus ride from Cordoba to Granada was gorgeous, passing through olive grove after olive grove. There are snow capped mountains just outside of Granada, hovering over the cityscape.

I'm staying in a friendly place with lots of interesting people and seem to have sealed on person's decision to apply to Japan's JET Program. Now I'm going to go out in search of falafal, my favorite thing to do. Tonight the Alambra by dark. It's a good day. A nice way to be finishing up travel before heading back to New York in a couple of days.


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