Monday, November 02, 2009

The Feet Are A-Hurtin'

I've walked my way around three boroughs in the past 5 days. In relatively new shoes. New shoes that I bought specially for the woods because they are waterproof. I need shoes I can use to stand in puddles for 10 hours at a time. (The last shoes failed that test).

The blisters started yesterday. Today I noticed the gaping hole that had formed where two seams meet in the shoe. Nice. My brand new specially ordered expensive shoe.

It's been wonderful to get to spend this week in New York as a visitor. I much prefer it to living here. There are no projects to do around an apartment. Laundry is something to do when I get home. I'm not cleaning a bathroom or trying to finish something on deadline.

There's been a lot of eating. And friend visiting. One night I ate two dinners because it made it possible to see two groups of people. There are a lot of friends I'm not getting to see at all so that means another trip will have to be in the works for either the spring or early summer.


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