Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watching TV

We think we'll be heading out the door by noon. We've cleared out the fridge and freezer and given all the food to Neighbor Jim who is staying behind. He says he has a place on high ground to ride out the storm if need be.

It's weird preparing to go because it's very uncertain what there will be to come back to. We live in a part of New Orleans that has very minimal levee protection. If a storm surge is more than 7 feet, it will top the levees that protect this area. Right now the storm surge is projected to be 9-18 feet. We picked things up off the floor, put some plastic over the bookcases. That will work if the house gets 1-2 feet of water.

We imagine three scenarios. 1) no water in the house because the storm goes far enough west. 2) a couple of feet of water in the house because the storm goes west but the storm surge is still pretty high 3) the house is flooded up to the attic cause the storm comes where is is predicted to come.

We ate ice cream for breakfast. What else can you do? It's just stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm here in Mexico City thinking of you, praying even. I am so glad you are with your family, and hope, hope, hope this time it is different. Jenne

August 30, 2008 6:10 PM  

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