Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dying Electronics

So, the home computer hasn't been doing so well lately. The borrowed computer is pretty swanky though. I could get used to having two huge flat sceen panels.

All is well (computer aside). All is busy.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Who Dat?

Tonight I did something I haven't done in almost 20 years. I said the word "y'all". It just slipped out.

Since coming home, many people I've met for the first time have asked where I am from. When I tell them I'm from here, they are disbelieving. "You don't sound like you're from HERE."

Overseas, people have often been surprised that I'm American. They say my vowels are soft and rounded, more Canadian. When I tell people where I'm from, the response is often, "You don't sound like you're from THERE."

I remember the last time I ever said "y'all." It was when I was thirteen and visiting with my cousins up north. There was a terrible thunderstorm and in the dark I cried out, "Y'all, it's BAD out there." My cousins thought that was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

My feelings weren't particularly hurt, but I did realize that I didn't like being laughed at because of the way I spoke. From that point on I didn't want to talk funny. I didn't want to sound like I came from a particular place. That was always going to sound funny to someone.

By now, my speech patterns belong to nowhere.

I think tonight's accidental "y'all" was a subconscious claim of belonging. I come from here, not nowhere.

"Where am I from? I'm one of y'all."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

One Prediction

Happy 2006!

May it be peaceful, happy, and healthy for all.

Since I haven't sent out Christmas cards, and haven't managed to call many people, or write in the blog, or be a communicative person of any sort... this would probably be a good opportunity to write a year in review. The most frequently questions from people seem to be, "Where were you? Where are you? Where are you going?

So, here it goes.

I was a lot of places. I am in New Orleans. I am hoping to go a lot more other places, but not before May.

Chris is now in Sri Lanka, which had not yet plunged back into civil war, although there are rumblings. After visiting Indonesia and Japan he'll be in New Orleans at the beginning of April. A little too early for Jazz Fest but just in time for my birthday. He's a good man.

That brings us to my one and only prediction for 2006. U2 will play at Jazz Fest this year. I'm glad I'm back.

Happy New Year!