Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Escape From the Black Hole

So, I got sucked into a black hole and though it's possible to escape (regardless of what those physicists say) it's not an easy thing to do.

What's been going on for the past several months? The short version is this: went to school full-time for the spring semester to take some additional undergraduate English classes, worked a lot at the same time, applied to graduate school, had a car accident, hosted a Tibetan Momo party when Chris was in town, started selling and giving away a chunk of my book collection, played with friends' babies, went back to work full-time, and packed a hurricane evacuation box.

Currently I'm dressing up as a construction worker every night to go paint special finishes in a not-yet-completed hotel/restaurant. It's a hard hat area so people working inside have to have on proper safety gear. I look like a lego person in my red hard hat and yellow safety harness.

One big change is that I'm moving back to Manhattan in September to go to grad school. Instead of spending all my time in the Village like I did when I lived in NY for college, I'll be spending my time way Uptown, north of Central Park. Graduate school is near St. John the Divine Cathedral and I'll be staying with an old friend from high school who lives up in the heights. Not sure which heights exactly, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights... one of those heights. Hopefully it will be a more tree-filled NY experience. Riverside Park runs all the way from the apartment to school. Grey skies and 17 snowstorms in one winter drove me from the city the last time. That was the escape from the slushy grey hole.

The master's program I'm entering is Museum Education with middle school teaching certification. There is one year of course work, and then a year spent interning at a museum and student teaching. I've been thinking about doing this for years so it's kind of amazing that it's finally happening.

That's all the lighter news to escape from the black hole for now.