Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Curb Alert Alert

I haven't been feeling like much of a communicator these past 1...2...3, um three months. Settling in and figuring out what I'm realistically doing with my life has taken a while. Everything's still in flux although I do finally have a job (or two) and it looks like next week I will have a car (red).

There are several things I was supposed to be doing today instead of watching episodes of The Office on Netflix or perusing Craigslist ads. But sometimes there is treasure on Craigslist and this one was too beautiful not to share:

Old person junk - Curb Alert (LGD)

Old people junk being thrown out in front of a house that was just sold...everything was hiding in boxes that the buyers/spawn of the sellers threw to the curb along with their packing garbage. I surfed all the rad stuff out for all interested parties to scavenge:

7 or so christmas-y tins
a few random greeting cards that say "god" on them
an empty vodka bottle shaped like a trumpet
a little basket
a plastic outdoor collapsible table/plant stand?
two straw brooms
spices (slightly used)
bag of white mardi gras beads
most of a bag of blue aquarium pebbles
an ancient air purifier
an iron/steamer...I think
a cordless plate warmer and two miss-matched plates
'world's best grandpa' cap (give it to your grandpa)
two collapsible Lillian Vernon cheapy storage containers that probably once contained hair rollers or something
a nice metal 12" ruler

Stuff I already rewarded myself with for doing all the picking:

the chimney to an old oil lamp
a pie pan
some red wooden beads
a few glass pushpins
a crafty little bird made from wood and stuff
two tiny mason jars
two packages of Top Ramen oriental flavor
box of peppermint candy
teeny jars of jams/pumpkin butter
chocolate confectioner's sugar
a broken rattan waste basket
a green reusable shopping bag
a big silvery bubblewrappy bag thing to be made into an as-of-yet unknown Halloween costume

1300 or 1400 block of Magazine Street (btw Melpomene and Terpsichore) river side