Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Signs of Progress

This afternoon some workers from the city came and poured concrete for a missing chunk of sidewalk in front of a house. There had been no sidewalk there for months, ever since the sewage and water board came and replaced some pipes. I honestly didn't ever think that sidewalk would be replaced. It gives hope that other things will eventually be fixed as well.

The house is across the street from an elementary school. There is no sidewalk across the front of the school. I don't know how it disappeared, but last year after the storm, all that was there was mud. Now there is grass and a foot-worn path from where the sidewalk ends to where the sidewalk begins again, half a block away.

Also in front of the school is a giant crater of a pothole. It used to have a safety cone sprouting out of it, but that went away. The crater is pre-storm. The abandoned house catty-corner from the school is post-storm. The brick fence at the back of the property fell down over a year ago. The wooden side-fence fell over within the last week or two.

Did I mention that we live in a relatively unscathed New Orleans neighborhood?

The sidewalk in front of one home got replaced. It's actually cause for a small celebration.

Little by little. Poco a poco. Progress is made.


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