Friday, August 10, 2007

Gone with the Breeze

There is an internet modem somewhere in my parents' house. It's been four days since we started searching but we still haven't found it. My dad brought an extra modem home from work but it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it's not accurate to blame the modem. Maybe it's the cable line into the house. Either way, the connection is no good.

For the moment, I'm using the citywide free wifi service. The connection comes and goes with the breeze. There might be a good five minutes of signal and then nothing for half an hour. I'm optimistic that it will be possible to post this entry, though a fortune cookie at lunch today told me not to be hopeful.
If it seems the fates are against you today, they probably are.
My hands are speckled with paint. That's what this trip is all about; painting walls in my parents' house. Today, after the grouchy fortune cookies, my mother and I picked out colors for the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and my bedroom. We ended up with seven different shades of yellowish cream. I think the woman at the paint counter who was mixing up the samples thought we were nuts. Crazy ladies, getting seven versions of almost the same color.

The central hallway is my paint studio at the moment. The carpet has been ripped out and the concrete foundation can't get too messed up if I spill anything. It's working pretty well except that the pets don't like being shut out of the space. They both pushed past me when I opened the hall door and then they walked across the sample boards that were coated with white primer. Little paw prints everywhere.


Blogger Justina said...

Glad to read you're back on the blogging scene. I have been checking from time to time to see how your studies were going.

Yes, I'm a skulking blog reader that sweeps in, reads and then leaves. I'm a bad, bad friend!

But your blog is awesome! I've really enjoyed reading it. Though I'm not a regular reader, I would use it for a study break when I just absolutely couldn't read anymore of my assigned homework!
Sending kudos and warm sunny energy your way!


August 23, 2007 9:36 AM  

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