Sunday, November 18, 2007

Close Call

The beauty of having clocks all telling slightly different times is that even though it may be midnight in the kitchen, in my bedroom on the internets, it's just 11:59.

So close, SO CLOSE to missing the posting for November 18th.

I'm getting a jump start on the 19th.

What was I doing that kept me from remembering to post?

Laundry in the morning. On the way to the laundry mat, Nerb and I passed by our famous neighbors' brownstone. There was a box of free books outside for people to take, a common occurrence in our neighborhood. Usually the books people leave out on their stoops are not so great. Today we decided we needed one. Thanks Maggie and Peter.

Four hours of karaoke in the afternoon made my brain a little squishy. Tinkerbell brought along her co-worker, Jake, and he has the best karaoke singing voice I've ever heard. Wow. Wanting to listen to him sing more songs helped stretch the afternoon into a singing marathon.

On the way home I bought a snazzy pair of knee-high boots. A shoplifter was caught while I was in the store and her screaming and cursing created quite a ruckus.

I returned to my apartment, graded 25 essays, and rewrote my resume so that I can submit it for an internship at a photography museum this spring. The resume and cover letter took up most of the night.

And then I was talking in the kitchen to Ms. Nola. While I was with her I looked up at the clock, screamed, and ran for the computer. She thought something was on fire by the way I ran out of the room.

My blog was on fire! Code red. Code red.

Almost missed the deadline. 11 more days to go.


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