Saturday, November 17, 2007


I felt much better this morning after a full night of sleep.

Today I had a great time today with the kids. We talked about trees. Trees and leaves. And then we raked leaves from underneath trees. Jumped in leaves. Threw leaves. It's all fun and games until someone gets leaves in his/her hair. In the end, all was forgiven and peace was made.

After our day was over, I decided to walk the park, zig-zagging east to west and west to east the whole way down.

I saw a lot of the park I'd never seen before. Like the reservoir. I realize that I have favorite trails that I always walk down and parts of the park that I particularly like to visit. Today I avoided all the parts I know I like and saw a lot of new areas, like the pinetum. I'd never even heard of the pinetum. But there it was, full of pines. And a special playground, the pintum playground. Not one of the more well-known areas of the park.


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