Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time for another 20 minute viewing

Today wore me out. It's the second day I've been with the seventh graders and I still don't know half of their names. Knowing someone's name gives you a degree of power. I was at half power today. Tomorrow's goal is to learn the rest of the names. Full power and speed ahead.

Tonight I'm on strike against homework. No homework. No studying. No reading.

I'm going to try to finish watching a movie I got through Netflix. I watched the first twenty minutes sometime last month. Maybe I can get through another 20 minutes before I doze off. It's a good movie... I have two other films from Netflix that arrived back at the end of August and I still haven't touched them.

In light of this time lag, my monthly rental plan is starting to look expensive. I could have bought a new DVD of each of these movies for what I pay to have them sit collecting dust on the top of my dresser.

Oh well.


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